Carry-on Baggage

For the comfort and safety of all passengers, our agents must enforce the number, size and weight of all carry-on baggage on Calm Air flights. Oversized and excessive amounts of carry-on baggage can cause flight delays, so please confirm your allowance before your trip.

  • Each fare-paying passenger is permitted two (2) pieces of carry-on baggage 
  • Combined weight of these pieces is not to exceed 20 lbs (9 kg)
  • Combined dimensions (LxWxH) is not to exceed 10 in x 16 in x 12 in (25 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm)
  • All pieces must be properly stowed under the aircraft seat or in the overhead storage bin
  • Sizing devices are available at the airports for you to ensure that your carry-on baggage is of allowable size

Examples of acceptable carry-on items may include: carry-on bags and smaller suitcases (include wheels and handles in size measurement), briefcases, laptop computers, diaper bags, camera bags and other similar items. Space permitting, additional items may be permitted in the cabin such as:

  • Small cameras, coats, and purses (10 in x 12 in x 8 in or less)
  • Electronic cigarettes or vaporizers. Use of electronic cigarettes or vaporizers onboard is prohibited
  • A reasonable amount of reading material for in-flight use
  • An approved infant or child restraint device, an infant’s food for in-flight consumption
  • A cane, an urn, containers carrying life-sustaining items or other similar items

Other Rules and Carry-On Tips

  • Refer to the Transport Canada and CATSA websites for a detailed list of prohibited carry-on items.
  • Please carry on all personal medications. Medically required syringes and needles are permitted onboard, providing the needle guard is intact, and must be accompanied by the prescription medication with a printed label identifying the medication name and the issuing medical office or pharmacy.
  • All sharp objects, toy guns, sporting articles such as golf clubs, baseball bats, skates, etc. are not allowed as carry-on baggage.
  • Electronic cigarettes or vaporizers are not permitted in checked baggage.
  • Please be prepared to power on all electronic devices (laptops, cell phones, mp3 players, etc.) being carried through the security check point. Calm Air assumes no liability for these items when packed in checked baggage.

Please stow heavier items under the aircraft seat, and lighter ones in the overhead bin. Place wrapped items like gifts in your checked baggage, otherwise you may be required to unwrap them at the security check point.