Air Miles

The AIR MILES® Reward Program allows customers to accumulate AIR MILES® reward miles by shopping at a wide variety of sponsor companies.  

While you do not accumulate miles when flying with us, Calm Air is an official supplier to the program. Collectors may redeem their miles for Calm Air travel or for other rewards such as entertainment and merchandise.

For more information about the AIR MILES® Reward Program or to redeem with Calm Air using your reward miles, please visit or call 1-888-AIR-MILES (1-888-247-6453).

Calm Air Reservations staff can only change an AIR MILES® reservation once your flight has been booked through the AIR MILES® website or call centre.

Changes to AIR MILES® bookings are permitted for $78.75 fee and can only be made if there is an AIR MILES® fare available on the new flight.